Even after the storm has passed, the threat of flooding remains: water is still rising in Vermilion Parish.

Townsquare Media photo by Sam Falcon

I often have to remind myself that hurricanes are huge systems, not just the eye. We concentrate on where the eye of the storm is located because that gives us a general reference point, but the reality is that a hurricane can extend from the eye hundreds of miles in each direction.

After the eye makes its way across your region, you can still expect several more hours of storm; wind, rain, and yes, rising water.

Townsquare Media photo by Sam Falcon 2Townsquare Media photo by Sam Falcon


The prevalent winds are still coming from the south/southwest and, as they do, they are pulling water from the Gulf of Mexico inland. That means the water continues to rise in the coastal parishes and even up the tributaries to parishes farther inland.

Townsquare Media photo by Sam Falcon

These pictures were taken this afternoon in Vermilion Parish near Esther, which is between Abbeville and Intracoastal City, in an area that was devastated by both Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike.

Let's hope that the winds die down soon so that the waters can recede, the people in this area have been through enough.

Townsquare Media photo by Sam Falcon


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