In the beginning, this vacation like video seems to be quite average. A water park, a water slide, a guy sliding across the pool all the way to the other side and standing up while he puts on his t-shirt. Yeah, that happens all the time when I go to the water park.

This particular video has the Internet in an uproar. Is it real? Is it fake? Before we tell you what we've found out, go ahead and make up your own mind.

So what do you think?

Here's what we know. It sure looks to be edited. The slider's shirt appears to be on while he is sliding yet as he stands up on the edge of the pool he is putting his shirt on. However, there is a woman who walks in front of the camera at about the same time. That would make for a really easy edit point.

The people from did some investigating and they found a few other videos of people coming very close to duplicating the stunt.  We're not sure they ever came to a solid conclusion either.

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