Sometimes, we all want to be a kid again. Big Kid Syndrome exists. We all want to jump on that trampoline with the kids, and cannonball in the pool. It's a lot of fun if it goes right, but when it goes wrong...oh, boy.

This mom in the United Kingdom decided to take a ride on her child's scooter in their driveway, and it went south fairly quickly.

The video is about 10 seconds, but it seems to be a comfortable scooter ride where the mom talks to her kid. It turned so quickly into a mess when she completely wiped out after riding over a rock she didn't see.

Kelly Sikkema
Kelly Sikkema

In the video's description, the mom said that this was during the lockdown in 2020 when they were quarantined and were just looking for things to do together while in isolation. You can hear the kid scream when she completely eats it, and the mom laughs after the fact even though the mom ended up having a fractured back because of this incident. Ouch.

While we are here, I'm a fan of funny fails compilation. It was cool before the TV show 'Ridiculousness' was.

Check out more scooter fails in the video below:

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