It's something we are all guilty of. At least I know I am. Leaving our plastic water bottles in our car can cause some serious damage. While many of us are concerned about making sure that we stay cool and keep hydrated one of the things helping us could become a huge hazard. According to KVUE News "Our water bottles left behind in our vehicles could focus light to form a beam of heat and ignite a spark to cause an interior car fire."

Although it sounds time-consuming and monotonous try and get into the habit of making a sweep of your car. Do you see a water bottle in direct sunlight? Take it out of the car, plus who wants to take a swig of hot water when you're parched?

This heat in the Ark-La-Tex already has a lot of us in horrid moods, imagine walking out of the store to see your car up in flames. Yikes!


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