A Rubik's Cube is tough enough to solve when you do it the traditional way, getting all the same colored squares on each side. You'll be amazed at how this guy solves a Rubik's Cube.

He starts by taking an already solved Rubik's cube. He totally scrambles the cube, then takes a good look at it. Grabs another Rubik's cube, closes his eyes, and duplicates the messed up cube on it. Unbelievable.

The Rubik's Cube was introduced in 1974 by Erno Rubik. The original name was "Magic Cube". In 1980 the Magic Cube became the Rubic's Cube becameEach of the six sides had nine stickers of the same color. The colors included white, red, blue, orange, green and yellow. In later years, the stickers were replaced with solid colored plastic.

As of 2009, 350 million Rubik's Cubes have been sold worldwide. It has now become the most popular toy in history. The Rubik's Cube is the bestselling puzzle game and bestselling toy of all time.


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