If you like the game "Wordle", you might just like the game "Heardle".

What is "Heardle?", you ask? Well, it's just like Wordle, but with music.

Wordle, of course, is the daily word game you can play on your smartphone or on your computer. Each day, a new word is presented, but each letter box is empty, similar to Wheel of Fortune. You guess a 5-letter word, and then the game tells you whether the word is correct or if you have any letters that are in the word.

Those are the only clues you receive, and you have 6 guesses to figure out the daily word.

" title="click here to play heardle" align="center"]

As with Wordle, Heardle players get 6 guesses to guess the name or artist of a song by listening to a snippet of the tune. For each incorrect guess, another few seconds of the song is added.

via heardle app
via heardle app

If you venture a guess and it is incorrect, the game will add a second or two of music to the snippet, giving you a longer portion of the song to sample.

Once you correct correctly, you have won!

via Heardle app
via Heardle app

When I first tried Heardle, the song of the day was one that was in my wheelhouse: Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams". I got it correct on the first guess.

Today's word, though, left me puzzled, as I am not a huge Ariane Grande fan. I got to the 6th and final portion of the snippet, and that's when the vocals started. So how did I guess the song? I cheated.

Or, rather, I treated it like an open-book test: I searched for the lyrics I heard and, lo, and behold! The interwebz told me the name of the song.

If you are wondering from where Heardle pulls its songs, the story from Loudwire claims that the songs are pulled randomly from the most streamed songs of the last decade.

Happy guessing!

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