The New Orleans Saints Hulk smashed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last night on the pirate ship 38-3, if it weren't for a late feeble field goal it would have been a masterful shutout by Dennis Allen's group.

And speaking of Hulk smashing... (ESPN Instagram)

Ah yes, just one of the ways the internet was having fun last night but also, Saints Instagram reminded us that not a single, solitary soul picked them to win that game on Sunday night...

That's the entire pregame NBC crew consisting of Americas pick, Tony Dungy, Liam Mchugh, Chris Simms, Mike Florio, Mike Tirico, and Rodney Harrison. Chris Simms even says, "We're gonna get trolled by New Orleans if things don't happen the way..." Right, you were Simmsy!

The NFL Network even decided to get on the Bucs train, a bad idea for Rich Eisen, Kurt Warner, Michael Irvin, and Steve Mariucci.

Finally, on ESPN everything came up Tampa Bay as well.

I will even take responsibility and say that I picked the Bucs to win this game too so, I'm also at fault here, yes I'll hold myself accountable but this really was one heck of a game plan by defensive coordinator Dennis Allen. In all honesty, this may have been Dennis Allen's signature moment as the DC of the New Orleans Saints with as much hype as there was surrounding Tampa and all the momentum they came into this game with.

Don't forget the offense either, Sean Payton and company were able to attack early and often and really negated a lot of what the Bucs do really well and were able to convert drives into touchdowns. In a match-up like this scoring touchdowns and not just settling for field goals was absolutely crucial.

All in all, a monster win for the Saints and they reminded everyone not to forget about them when it comes to the powers in the NFC or even the NFL.


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