As it would turn out, the Lafayette CAJUNDOME shines a little brighter beneath the light of a neon moon.

On Thursday night, Brooks & Dunn transformed Lafayette's 12,000-seat arena into a rundown bar across the railroad tracks as they played a flurry of their #1 hits including "Brand New Man," "My Maria," "Boot Scootin Boogie," and, of course, their 1991 smash "Neon Moon."

While they had great energy and an amazing response to all their hits, there was a different energy when the first notes to 'Neon Moon' hit with the CAJUNDOME crowd. it could easily be due to the fact that the entire dome was lit up by white lights that shot up to the ceiling of the massive venue.

Photo courtesy of Hunter Hebert
Photo courtesy of Hunter Hebert

To be fair, that song carries a different energy in general. Just yesterday, I reminded readers about the epic mashup from Fat Tony that blends the Brooks & Dunn banger with rapper Too Short's "Blow The Whistle."

There have also been many interesting covers of the track.

When the moment arrived in the Lafayette CAJUNDOME, the crowd was more than ready and Brooks & Dunn were feeling it too. Toward the end of the song, they let the audience do the work and this was the result.

While coaching them through the high notes, Ronnie Dunn told the crowd to "push" which prompted him to tell a quick story about a time when he realized his voice was beginning to get hoarse while performing.

His response to the doctors when they suggested situps got a good laugh from the crowd, but he proceeded to belt out notes for the crowd to sing along to, and overall it was a special moment inside of the Lafayette CAJUNDOME.

Did you go to the Brooks & Dunn concert at the CAJUNDOME? If so, what was your favorite moment?

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