Forget Amazon or eBay or any of those online destinations -- this may be the future of shopping.

Video of a motorist in a smart car pulling into a convenience store and doing some shopping has been making the rounds on the Internet. The scene unfolded in China and was captured on surveillance camera.

It puts a whole new spin on drive-up service, as the driver manages to get the vehicle into the entrance of the establishment.

We especially love how the driver honks the horn, ostensibly to get some service. The employee barely flinches at what many would consider an unusual sight and proceeds to take the customer's order. He pulls a few items off of the shelf and then takes the money before the motorist goes into reverse and leaves without causing any damage.

The manager said this landmark moment in retail history most likely took place because it was raining, so the driver, either out of sheer laziness or a deep aversion to rain, just didn't want to get out of the comfort of his car.

To be fair, this took place in a convenience store and you can't get much more convenient than this, can you?

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