Are you sleeping well? If not, here's a simple thing that will probably help. If you do this, you'll likely fall asleep sooner, sleep deeper & enjoy overall better health.

Turn the thermostat down. That's it! What you say? Research indicates sleeping in a cool bedroom helps alleviate insomnia. Ever keep flipping your pillow over to get to the "cool side." Its soothes the brain, according to a study by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. The study recommends trying a "cooling cap."  Your body repairs itself while you sleep. A report from indicates sleeping in a cool room helps people fall asleep more quickly, thereby maximizing the benefit of allotted sleep time. This leads to improved mental, and physical health. I was raised in a part of the US that features very harsh winters. I used to sleep with the heat turned completely off. In south Louisiana summers, I turn the thermostat down to 66 at bed time. The proof is in the pudding, 5 years of perfect  attendance grades K-12, and I'm rarely absent from work.

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