I turn to Reddit frequently for local information and funny stuff, and this list of "nice" dinner places in Lafayette is a great example of why I go there.

Call it affirmation (I love many of the places on the list) if you'd like, but this list sits very well with me.

Redditor Totes McGotes 13 makes a list of the nice places he/she has visited in Lafayette, and was asking for more recommendations of "lesser-known fancy dinner/special occasion restaurants" in the area.

Totes' list includes

  • Charley G’s
  • Marcello’s
  • Social
  • Pamplona
  • Ruffino’s

as his/her go-to places. Some of the other recommendations that came in during the discussion included

  • Ruth's Chris'
  • Cafe' Vermilionville
  • iMonelli's
  • Cafe' Josephine in Sunset
  • Nash's
  • Cafe' Bella
  • Sainte Marie

We have always had a good experience at Mr. Lester's (though it's a bit of a hike) and Tsunami (all 3 locations!).

Which "nice" places are we forgetting? What's your go-to place for a special occasion?

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