A new restaurant called Vestal will be located in one of Lafayette’s oldest bars in Downtown Lafayette. The plan is for a local restaurant 'Vestal' to give the historical Antlers building a new life and to give Lafayette a new dining hotspot. With construction already starting,  it won’t be long before we can try it. It’s exciting to hear that an empty building downtown with so much potential and history will finally get to see some light and take on another generation.  What kind of restaurant will Vestal be? Let me fill you in.

Facebook, Vestal Restaurant

The executive chef, Ryan Trahan, has already created quite a name for himself with an impressive and innovative approach to his creations. I’ve had the pleasure of tasting some of Trahan’s delicious dishes in the past and I can tell you, they are unlike anything you’ve ever tried.  The award-winning chef has a way of combining uniqueness and flavors to create masterpieces. His approach to Vestal, according to the Facebook page, is a southern restaurant that features open hearth cooking and an extensive cocktail bar. They will give you wood-fired dishes with a southern fare using local ingredients.

Facebook, Ryan Trahan

According to his interview with KATC, his plans are to make the entire restaurant an interactive dining experience.  He will have a raw bar in front of the liquor bar with people shucking oysters around the bartenders. You’ll be able to experience the magic of the preparation as they will be cooking on a huge fireplace in the middle of the dining area.

I’m looking forward to Vestal opening, which is set for this April.