Coca-Cola and Walmart are facing sharp criticism over a 9/11-themed store display of the Twin Towers in front of the American flag.

The in-store display—made entirely from cans—was accompanied by a sign saying "We will never forget" flanked by logos for both Coca-Cola and Walmart. The sign and the display were created to mark the 15 year anniversary of the 2001 attack that took the lives of nearly 3,000 people.

Almost immediately after being posted on the internet, the photo (taken at a Panama City Beach Walmart) received backlash from those who thought the display was in poor taste.

According to the Orlando Weekly, employees at the Panama City Beach Walmart say they were only following orders and that the 9/11 display was "all Coke's idea."

This is definitely not the first time Walmart has come under fire for questionable store displays (does anyone remember that time they built a tank out of Bud Light to commemorate the 4th of July?) but the display has been dismantled at the time of this post.

Many argue that while the intentions may be genuine, it is in poor taste to market a product and/or profit off the 9/11 anniversary. Others feel that those who are offended are simply being too sensitive.

What do you think?

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