We all know that going to Walmart isn’t always fun, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Walmart introduced an app that may actually help us out a little.  According to USA Today, the app is designed for employees to help customers find products. I know personally, finding things in Walmart can be a challenge. If there is something to help save me some time and get me out of there sooner, I’m willing to give it a try.

The company announced in a press release that the app “Ask Sam” is a voice assistant app. This app was developed by Sam’s Club back in 2019 as an additional way to help associates find the answers they need to do their jobs more effectively and better serve customers.  The “Ask Sam” app allows the employees to look up prices, store maps, locate products. A feature for emergency alerts was also added for safety and emergency situations.

Walmart’s Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer Meng Chee said, “While all associates go through emergency training, we wanted to provide managers with an additional way to quickly and effectively alert associates to emergency situations.” The Emergency Alert Button was a feature that they created to help managers to make a quick decision during high-stress situations.

Chee also said that in addition to guidance from their managers, employees having access to the answers and information they need at their fingertips will give the associates more confidence as well as more time on the floor to assist with customers.

How long will food last?

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