We've all heard horror stories about trips to the DMV. Some of us have lived them. I'm not sure this guy wasn't biting his nose off to spite his face. Nick Stafford wanted to register 2 cars with the Lebanon, Virginia DMV. Stafford's frustration boiled over when he attempted to call the Lebanon DMV, and was routed to a call center in Richmond. His attempts to obtain nine other numbers bore no fruit, so Stafford filed suit against the state, and individual DMV employees, at a cost of more than $1,000.00. The suits were dismissed. When the dust settled, Stafford showed up at the Lebanon DMV with 300,000 pennies to pay the sales tax on the 2 cars. He wheeled them in, unwrapped in 5 wheel barrows, stopping for a smoke break in the parking lot when he got "winded."  When asked by the Herald Courier why he went to so much trouble & expense, Stafford replied they'd inconvenienced him, so has was "returning the favor."  I went to the Lafayette, La. DMV this past October to register a car, was in & out in 20 minutes.

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