You've seen him dancing in viral videos on the internet, now see him dancing on the corner of Johnston Street in Lafayette.

About a month ago, we reported on a street performer who put on quite the show on a Baton Rouge corner. His show was so electric, it may have been responsible for the car accident that happened mid-song in the busy intersection.

Well, fast forward one month later and it seems like our Prince/Michael Jackson/James Brown hybrid showman has made his way to Johnston & South College in Lafayette.

A video was captured by one of our colleagues and is just one of many videos that were shared on social media as this street performer caught the attention of numerous Lafayette motorists who zoomed by.

What's most impressive to me as a DJ, is the fact that this dude is bringing a full production with him when he performs on these street corners, from the sound system to the light show.

I think I even saw a fog machine in the mix while he was gliding through the intersection between Panera Bread and Walgreen's.

In case you were wondering, his name is Dimitri Reeves, and as a full-time entertainer, he says his message is love.

Unfortunately, Reeves was only able to perform for about 25 minutes in Lafayette until a police officer informed him that people were complaining about his music and dance moves.

After driving four hours, he was disappointed that he wasn't able to perform longer but he definitely left his mark on Lafayette.

Maybe we can get him to come back and perform a legit show somewhere in town. The dude definitely has the energy to put on one hell of a show.

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