I was saddened to read about this horrible incident that happened at a local business. Kart Ranch posted about it on their Facebook page and naturally, many people are in shock, along with the owners of the establishment, that people are actually capable of this much ugliness.

Facebook/Kart Ranch
Facebook/Kart Ranch

According to the Facebook post by Kart Ranch, Thursday night a violent incident happened that really shook and disturbed the staff. A man violently vandalized one of their arcade games and stole numerous ticket rolls from it. The man who did this was accompanied by a group including children. The teens and adults were clapping and cheering them on after he vandalized the machine.

The Kart Ranch post also stated that the fact that this man did this in front of children is what is most disappointing. They said they are completely disgusted by these actions and that it was being demonstrated as an example of acceptable behavior to young children.

The Kart Ranch started their statement by stating that they have been struggling financially since March 17 after being shut down for almost three months due to the coronavirus pandemic. They are still dealing with limited capacity and ongoing uncertain times which creates an uneasy feeling for not only them but for all local business owners.

Kart Ranch ends their post by saying that they have filed a police report, they have surveillance video, and they will press charges against this vandal.

This is disturbing and I just don’t understand how people can be so evil. I hope they get what they deserve.

Keep your head up, Kart Rach!

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