Where's VInce?

Have you seen Vince McMahon recently? If not, he certainly does not look like the man in the photo you see above.

Mr. McMahon, who most in the WWE reference him as, has aged and he's even added a few features to his face.

For starters, Vince has grown a very thin mustache that resides just over his top lip, and his hair is much darker.

While this may be an attempt to look a bit younger, he does not resemble the man many of us got to know through WWE television programming.

Speaking of WWE, Mr. McMahon just sold WWE to the group that now also owns the UFC, and Vince made a lot of money in this transaction. Perhaps he knew what was coming and he started the celebration early with this new look.

I should note that there have been rumors out for years that he and his wife, Linda McMahon, are no longer together, so perhaps like a lot of men who go through this, he too decided it was time for a change in his appearance.

One thing is for sure, if Mr. McMahon ever comes back onto WWE television, he has the look of the villain, the bad guy. This "darker image" has a bad side to it, and if you follow Vince McMahon and know anything about his past---he's probably loving this new look.

So, let's get to some more recent photos of the man who made WWE what it is and see if he has the look of the "bad guy" now.



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