(Baton Rouge, Louisiana) - When you start to drive on your own you are reminded that you are responsible for the maintenance of your vehicle.

Often we overlook things or forget about some issues on our vehicle and that can lead to fines or citations if pulled over.

So, let's look at a few things that could make the vehicle you're driving in Louisiana illegal while on the roadways.


Let's start with window tint. According to Louisiana law, "The front seat side windows can have up to 40% tint darkness, while the back seat side windows can have up to 12% tint darkness. The rear window can have up to 12% tint darkness allowed."


Another issue that could lead to fines if you're pulled over is a burnt taillight on the vehicle. It is probably a good idea to get into the practice of checking your lights on a regular basis so that you aren't surprised if pulled over as a result of the burnt light.


The same could be said about your headlights. Get into the habit of checking them and make sure that all of the exterior lights on your vehicle are working.

So, what about the license plate on your car or truck? Well, it cannot be obstructed and the plate must also be illuminated at night. Again, this is something you may want to check out on a monthly basis.

Your plate should not be covered with anything that would prevent someone from reading the plate attached to your vehicle.

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Your tires must also be up to standard. If your tires are bald or have metal protruding from them, then they are not legal on a Louisiana roadway. There's much more to regulations on tires and you can read more here.

Next, if you've ever gone to have your vehicle inspected and there's a crack in it that can obstruct the driver's view, you already know that your vehicle will not pass a state inspection. A damaged windshield is not legal and you should never let a damaged one impede your vision.


Speaking of inspection stickers, they aren't very expensive, but if you are caught driving with an expired sticker in Louisiana, the fine could cost you a couple of hundred dollars. Be sure to have your vehicle inspected and stay up to date on this one.

Lastly, you should have your side mirrors in good working condition. If a mirror is hanging, then your vehicle is in violation of the law. You must be able to see out of both mirrors while operating the vehicle in Louisiana.



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