Do you struggle when it comes to buying a gift for your wife or girlfriend? I have a few Valentine's Day gift ideas that will impress her.  Valentine’s Day is all about showing the love.  If you’re the couple that only exchanges cards,  the only thing you have to worry about is selecting the perfect one. Or just writing a sweet love letter.  If you’re the gift-giving type, here are a few tips that might help. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be a personalized gift with some thought put into it. But, if it is something you want to spend big bucks on, make it something she will keep forever.  I certainly don’t speak for all ladies, but maybe this could help some of the dazed and confused buyers out there this Valentine’s Day.

Think “out of the box” for chocolate: 

So, it’s what everyone thinks they need to buy because it’s on every shelf in every store. The big red heart box of chocolates.  This year, try something different.  Instead, do a wine and cheese basket with a little chocolate thrown in that pairs well with the wine. Another idea would be chocolate-covered strawberries.


Yes, ladies always love to receive jewelry.  If you do buy jewelry for Valentine’s Day, try to avoid the heart necklaces that say “love”. Instead go the classic route with a cable bracelet cuff, pearls, or studs.  Simple and always in style.


It's February and it's the coldest time of the year so you might be thinking about a sweater, scarf, or anything warm.  And you will be tempted because it’s all on sale.  But, don’t. She will only have a few weeks to enjoy it with spring around the corner.  Opt for something like a set of pretty satin pajamas that she can wear year-round instead.

Skin and Beauty Products:

Whatever you do, don’t get her anti-aging products, firming creams, or anything of the sort. I don’t think I have to explain why. What you could do instead is get her a  beauty box subscription like Birchbox.  It will actually be fun for her to receive a box in the mail every month with little surprises in it. Women like to try samples to find what they actually like before spending a ton of money on a regular size beauty product like foundation or lipstick. Plus, if she gets some anti-aging cream in the box, it won’t look like you’re trying to tell her she needs to work on her wrinkles.


Just go straight to the spa and buy a gift card.  Don’t waste your money on bubble bath, lotion, candles, and the diffuser with lavender oil. I promise she would rather a massage, pedicure, or facial instead.


You just can’t go wrong with this one. Think DIY gifts that have meaning. For example, make a “Date Night Bucket List” and write different ideas for a date on separate cards, put them in a box, and wrap it up. Simple. Another personal gift idea that will melt her heart is taking a photo of a memorable time you had together and printing it on a photo canvas. Yes, I know this is easy for the soft-hearted mushy guys. If that’s not your personality then she doesn’t expect it and that makes it even better. The bonus is that it’s actually a pretty inexpensive gift.

Soft & Cozy:

Don’t get trapped with the giant teddy bears with the big pink bow on it. Yes, it’s cuddly. But, no.  Instead, get her one of the super-popular weighted blanket for reducing anxiety and promoting better sleep.

Just remember ladies, it can be intimidating for your love to shop for you so be appreciative no matter what you get.

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