Volkswagen, the German automaker, has announced plans for its US branch: a name change.

To reflect the company's concentration on putting out more electric models, Volkswagen will be changing its name in the United States to "Voltswagen".

I just checked in "Google Translate", and the German translation for the English "volt" is, in fact, "volt", so it all checks out. (I am glad they didn't change it to "Rechargeable". Can you imagine "Wiederaufladbarwagen"?)

This is not the first name change for the company: prior to it being privately owned, the German government owned the company. "Volkswagenwerk" was the original name of the company, but after WWII, its name was shortened to "Volkswagen" when it became private. Initially, the company made 2 vehicles, which they called "Type 1" and "Type 2": the Beetle and the Bus, respectively.

Earlier this month, Volkswagen Voltswagen announced the arrival of the ID.4 EV, the company's "first long-range electric SUV"According to VW's website (YES!! We can still say VW!), the ID.4 will be available for just under $40,000 and can travel 250 miles on a standard charge.


There's not much difference in the sound of the old name and the new, but the engine certainly is much quieter!

I don't know if Voltswagen will ever put out a car as iconic as the bug, but maybe one day one of their electric vehicles will make the list of the most iconic television vehicles.

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