Like it or not the move to power our cars, trucks, and busses, with something other than fossil fuels, is well underway. While the rise in the popularity of electric cars and trucks has been slowly growing it has certainly seen steady growth. That is one of the reasons a new electric car charging station has been added to downtown Lafayette.

The new downtown charging station will go make three charging sites within the city. The other two are located at Cajun Field and at the West Regional Branch of the Lafayette Public Library in Scott. Each of those charging stations allows electric car owners and users two hours of free charge time.

Lafayette Utilities System is currently in the midst of pursuing a pilot program that would bring more charging stations to the area. The hope is that as the popularity of electric cars increases so will the need for charging stations. Those communities that provide these services as part of their infrastructure should be in a great position to reap the benefits of the change in technology.

As of now the new charging station downtown includes a plug that should make it adaptable to all brands of electric cars currently on the market. The exception to that would be the Tesla line of vehicles. Those wishing to charge one of those will need to bring a special adapter in order to get the free juice.

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