Judging by the fact that we now see Santa Claus prominently displayed next to witches, ghosts, and Halloween candy it is just about time for the annual holiday rush to begin. While many of us really wish we could hold off Christmas and the associated traditions that go with it until December, the fact is we've shown that we really do want the holiday season to last as long as possible.

With reports of a supply chain crisis lurking in the headlines, many companies are urging consumers to begin their holiday shopping now. And to accommodate that rush of shoppers, many of whom will make their purchases online, shipping giant UPS is also stepping up their game.

UPS has announced plans to hire more than 100,000 seasonal workers over the next few weeks. Among those 100,000 new hires will be some 1,000 jobs for Louisiana residents. The range of employment with UPS runs from package handling to driving to driver's assistant and more. What makes this an even sweeter opportunity is the fact that many times these seasonal positions turn into full-time year-round jobs.

The majority of the seasonal workforce will find their busiest times will occur from late November through January. As you might expect the pre-Christmas shipping rush is where the bulk of the workers will be needed. But, remember after the holidays there are "many happy returns" that need to be made as well.

I can tell you this about UPS, they are not kidding when they say they run the tightest ship in the shipping business. I know that the advertising slogan is outdated but it still holds true. I worked for UPS for a day. Yes, one day. And I can tell you they take shipping and logistics seriously.

UPS also pays very well, even for part-time workers and if you've got a great driving record then you can really knock down some dollars as a driver. But you'll have to learn to drive the UPS way. Trust me, their defensive driving program is one of the best in the business. You'd think more companies would borrow this strategy.

Now, exactly where in the state these UPS jobs will be stationed has yet to be determined but I would assume that most of Louisiana's major metro areas would have the need for extra UPS personnel. If you'd like to look into a career with UPS you can do so on their website. 

Grunge via YouTube
Grunge via YouTube

Just know this, you better hope you look good in brown. You better be willing to hustle. You will drive with both hands on the steering wheel and you won't be making a lot of lefthand turns. So, aim high in steering, look sharp/don't get cut, and always know your eye-lead time. That's UPS speak for don't wreck or we'll fire you.

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