Video of a UPS worker collapsing in the heat is going viral as temperatures continue to rise across the country.

We are smack dab in the middle of July and brutal heat waves continue to deliver extreme temperatures that are literally setting and breaking records with each passing day.

As temperatures soar, so does the threat level for people who have to work outside in dangerous conditions. A Scottsdale homeowner captured a scary moment on video as a delivery driver can be seen collapsing in the heat on his front porch.

Ring, YouTube
Ring, YouTube

Brian Enriquez says he shared the video to warn others to keep an eye out for delivery drivers who are working in the extreme heat and to remind outside workers how quickly this heat can sneak up on them.

Enriquez actually regrets the fact that he couldn't get to his phone sooner when the Ring doorbell notification went off.

I was concerned for the fact that he was coming, stumbling to the door. Had I gotten to my phone sooner, I could have talked to him through my Ring [doorbell] but he had already left the property at that point.

You can see the driver begin to lose his steadiness as he makes his way to the front porch. He sets down the envelope that he's holding before collapsing in the sitting position.

After a moment, the driver falls onto his back, then slowly stands up. Still unsteady, he rings the doorbell and makes his way back towards the street, staggering as he walks.

The homeowner said he contacted local police for a wellness check and attempted to contact UPS to let them know about their driver. The company released the following statement after the video went viral.

We appreciate the concern for our employee and can report that he is fine. UPS drivers are trained to work outdoors and for the effects of hot weather. Our employee used his training to be aware of his situation and contact his manager for assistance, who immediately provided assistance. We never want our employees to continue working to the point that they risk their health or work in an unsafe manner.

The statement was good news to Enriquez who says his concern is that these "guys are safe."

I just want to make sure those guys are safe, you know, and with this heat, those guys don’t have AC in those trucks. His safety is my concern.

The wife of another UPS driver spoke out after seeing the video, saying that she asked the company to take action after her husband suffered from a similar incident earlier this year.

She was afraid to speak up out of fear that her husband could be fired, but couldn't hold back after seeing the viral video. The UPS Teamsters account also replied to the video on Facebook.

Enriquez says he would love to see delivery companies provide air conditioning in their trucks—especially in places with extreme heat during the summer months.

Here in Louisiana, it's hard to imagine things being much different for our delivery drivers as heat is still a major factor along with humidity. And let's not forget the dreaded heat index that can literally add ten degrees to reported temperatures based on atmospheric conditions or time of day.

Whether you drive for a delivery company, work outdoors or just have to be outside at any given time of day, stay hydrated and please be aware of dangerous temps.

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