It’s the little things that make a big difference, especially this time of year. Security cameras are good for way more than safety. It’s great when they capture something super-special and heartwarming. A delivery driver was caught having a sweet moment when she made a delivery to a door step of a home in Mississippi.

The owners of the house in Madison put a tub of treats outside of their home with a note asking delivery drivers to take some. This is such a sweet idea and I’ve seen a lot of local families here in Acadiana do the same thing for our drivers.

Reuters shared the video of UPS worker Mimi Chandler being captured on a CCTV camera dancing with joy.

After a UPS driver delivered packages to this house, she noticed the treats and couldn’t help but show her excitement. The end of the video is priceless as she skips back to her truck.

Mimi Chandler did a Facebook post expressing her excitement because her video was shown on CBS This Morning with Gayle King.

Anytime you can show some appreciation and spread holiday cheer, go for it. To put a smile on someone’s face is the greatest gift.

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