A woman in Texas was surprised to see so many packages in a parking lot, while UPS workers stood nearby.

KHOU saw the photo of the packages on social media and that is when they got in touch with Nancy Gilbertson, who posted the photo of dozens of packages just out in the open.

She told the news station that she contacted UPS and that they explained why all of the packages were out in the open and just lying on the ground.

According to Ms. Gilbertston, UPS says that the packages were there for pick-up. During the holidays UPS outsources citizens to deliver packages from their vehicle and those who elect to do so can just pick up the packages that are out of the delivery truck.

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So basically if you want to deliver packages for UPS, you sign up and then take those that are closest to your route or area.

Well, that did not sit well with the woman in Texas and she tells KHOU that she will never use UPS again for delivery.

Gilbertson says that she does not think it's safe for packages, that someone paid for, to just be sitting out in the open. As she explains, she thinks anyone could just drive up to the pile of packages and pick up what they want.

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UPS did explain that the packages are not in the street and that separating the packages for delivery as such is a normal operating procedure.

Here's the full story from Texas.


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