My friend ranted on Facebook about being involved in a crash, caused by an undocumented immigrant who walked away from the incident with only a ticket.

Here is the post from Facebook:

It's very sad and disheartening to me as a law abiding legal American citizen because I was involved in an accident last night were a lady ran a stop sign and hit my truck. The lady gets of her vehicle and says "You pay for everything " . I asked if she had insurance and she said no, I asked her if she had a drivers license and she said no. The sheriff's deputy arrived and determined she didn't have a license, didn't have insurance, the truck had expired plates and then to top it all off she was an illegal immigrant. She got a ticket but we all know she won't pay it. The deputy told her she had 3 days to get proper legal papers on her and her vehicle. Well she knew she couldn't pay that either so when her friends came and picked her up she left her vehicle and the deputy had to have it towed away. I asked the deputy why she gets to walk away scott free and doesn't get arrested for breaking all those laws and he said his hands were tied because of Obama's immigration policy. I asked if she'd killed me would she have been arrested and he said yes that's they only way he could have arrested her. So now I have to come up with a $1000 deductible to get my own truck fixed plus my medical bills and not to mention my insurance will go up. It's just not fair! I have to play by the rules and laws but she isn't held responsible for anything! Where's the justice for me, a law abiding legal tax paying American citizen?

This incident brings up a few questions for me:  what, exactly, is the policy for local officers concerning undocumented immigrants?  Are they to be treated differently than American citizens?  Can someone just abandon a vehicle if an officer is on the scene?  Can't the officer make the person deal with the tow truck company once it arrives?

The post also brought up plenty of political comments (including "Trump 2016" and "Thanks, Obama").
I don't know (legally) how this should have played out, but the way the post reads, in my mind, something more could have been done.

What are your thoughts?


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