The winter weather that the south is experiencing right now is insane.

I know you've scrolled past enough "never before seen" photos over the last couple of days, but this one really takes the cake.

A Texas man who goes by Thomas Black on Twitter shared this photo from INSIDE of his apartment.

Thomas says this photo comes from inside of his apartment in uptown Dallas, and also added that as a Texan, he's simply "not built for this." A lot of his other tweets continue to paint the picture of what some deep Southerners are going through right now.

That's definitely a sentiment that we can all relate to as icy conditions have had us bundled up in the house over the last few days, but here's to rising temperatures that will have us out and about once all the dangerous ice melts away.

Thomas also decided to take the attention of his viral post and flip it into community action.

Be sure to check on your people throughout the south who may be experiencing their own version of Thomas' ceiling fan right now, and watch out for falling icicles!

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