Anyone who has attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in the last 45 years knows a thing or two about Griffin Hall. It's that beast of a five-story building towards the back of campus that you couldn't avoid at some point in your college career.

As a Liberal Arts major who minored in English, I sure had a class or twenty there. My legs and lungs knew all about that building!

Some current students at UL had a little fun with the legendary campus building and put out a pretty funny movie trailer parody. They're calling the movie "Mt. Griffin".

Here's a brief synopsis of the movie:

Four friends set out on an adventure to their fifth-floor history class, but little did they know that Mt. Griffin had something else in mind. #GeauxCajuns

I sure hope they make the full length movie. I'd love to play an extra...just to watch everyone winded after one scene of running up and down those stairs.

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