Would you believe me if I told you that the back-up camera on vehicles records the whole time the vehicle is on?  I need you to believe that for the sake of this story, because today, while sitting in the car waiting to go to lunch, something in the side-view mirror caught my eye.  Our engineer used his hand-held Commodore 64 to tap into the vehicle's computer to download the footage so we could take a closer look, and that's when we realized that we had captured something unexpected.  You will be shocked and horrified when you see it!

In this exclusive, never-before-seen footage, it is clear to see the shocking, horrifying unidentified flying object that brazenly streaks across the sky, right within the frame of the video!

A word of caution: if you are taking blood pressure medication, have a heart condition, a strong dislike for unidentified flying objects, or have abject reactions to fluff pieces created to incite fear and panic and shares, then you should not watch the following clip.

If you strive to avoid unverified stories and shared lies, then you should not watch or share the following clip.

If, though, you have owned a pet rock, ever shared a story on the web without verifying said story, copied and pasted memes that share your viewpoint but are based on hearsay, you'll get a kick out of this video, and will share it as legit "cuz I done seen it with my own eyes".

Here's the shocking, unexpected and horrifying footage: