I once had a bumper sticker that read, "Who Died And Made You Elvis".  Being a big Elvis Presley fan, I considered it pretty harmless, until I got read in the parking lot of Acadiana Mall.  I remember it being a beautiful day, I was in a great mood.  Drove up in a Mitsubishi Diamante, I loved that car.  Went inside to pickup a few things, came out of the mall, was about to put my shopping bounty into the backseat of the car when out of nowhere came an older lady who let me have it good.  Right there in the parking lot in front of everyone who was in eye/ear shot.

This very passionate lady had seen my Elvis themed bumper sticker and it had hit a nerve with her and not one of those happy, I love you, the world is a better place 'cause you're in it kinda nerves.  She thought the bumper sticker was insinuating that Elvis Presley was God.  And let's face it, he changed music, but even Elvis would have told you he was no God.  Once, during a concert in South Bend, Indiana, a group of girls had bought  a row of seats side-by-side so they could hold up a handmade banner that said "Elvis Is The King".  Elvis responded, "I can't accept this kingship thing, because to me there's only one and that's Christ".

After listening to her for a few minutes, I went over to the bumper sticker and pealed it right off the car.  It was just a bumper sticker and she had a point.  Look, my goal is not to wake-up thinking of ways to irritate people.  I took it off the car right in front of her.  I hope that gave her some piece and satisfaction.

Ever since that day I've paid closer attention to bumper stickers on other people's vehicles.  In case you are wondering, my car has none.

Recently, while in New Orleans to drop off my daughter at the airport to fly to Tampa, Florida for a bone marrow biopsy, accompanied by her mother, I saw a small SUV with a bumper sticker that made me smile during a very difficult day for me.  It's like the universe was speaking.

Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright

Every Little Thing Is Gonna To Be Alright
Townsquare Media, Staff Photo

Later that day, back in Lafayette, I saw another bumper sticker that I feel was sent for me to see as I have been wanting a dog badly.  I think this bumper sticker was speaking to my heart as well.

Who Rescued Who?

Who Rescued Who
Townsquare Media, Staff Photo

If you see a bumper sticker that gets your attention, safely snap a photo of it and send it to me, cj@999ktdy.com.



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