While many of us contemplate the rising cost of chicken eggs for the breakfast table in this time of avian flu. That cost is minimal compared to the price of alligator eggs. Especially when those alligator eggs have been obtained in an illegal way.

Authorities with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries have cited two men, 24 year old Christopher Trahan and 47 year old Paul Canick with illegal possession of alligator eggs and failure to follow refuge rules and regulations. Trahan of Lake Charles and Canick of Grand Chenier were detained by LDWF agents after they were observed removing alligator eggs from the marsh.

LDWF spokesman Gabe Griffin told the Louisiana Radio Network that the pair gave agents this explanation

They were told they had a collector's permit to take eggs.  While one of the gentlemen did have an egg collection permit, the area he was collecting eggs from, he was not permitted to be on.

The pair could be facing a $900 fine and up to 120 days in jail.If they are found to be in violation of the laws regarding the protection of wildlife and natural resources.

The confiscated eggs were sold to a alligator farmer at market value.

That money is put into an escrow fund.  In the case they were found innocent, their restitution would be that money back into their pocket.

The  523 eggs in question had a market value of over $10,000.00. The pair also had an 18 foot aluminum boat and a 14 foot air boat confiscated by wildlife and fisheries agents.




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