Because knowing the everyday minutiae or unsought opinions of anyone or everyone is essential to modern life, a new app has been created that allows "you" to continue Tweeting. Even after you've gone to that big social media network in the sky.

"Lives On" is an app that analyzes a deceased user's preexisting Twitter feed and then posts Tweets that contain content the user would have most likely posted and other content that would have probably caught their fancy during their lives. The app does so by " independently using intricate knowledge of your online character to create a virtual continuation of your personality after you die," according to a report by 

"Lives On" doesn't just post updates written by the deceased user before death, like "DeadSocial," a similar app.Not only can "Lives On" remember anniversaries, sendi birthday wishes, or remind loved ones of how much the deceased cared, it will also be able to post "I told you I was ill" messages, inappropriate jokes, or pre-recorded video messages lightheartedly threatening hauntings.

For more on "Lives On" and the controversy such technology is already stirring up, click the link above. To let us know your thoughts about "Lives On," post to our Facebook page.

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