Reports say that a woman in Washington D.C. walked out of her home to shockingly find her entire vehicle vandalized. Apparently, a case of mistaken-car-identity is what led to a scorned lover spray painting "Mike is a cheater" across the vehicle.

But, it is the reporter himself that is gaining a lot of attention on social media for the powerful piece.


There stands NBC News 4's Pat Collins and the victim of the vengeful crime, veteran Nendra Brantley. From the plaid scarf to the grey beret, you could tell right off the bat that Collins was going to tell this story with everything he had.


Of course, whoever is responsible for the vandalism of Brantley's Mitsubishi gave everything they had when wrecking her car.


A bashed in windshield meant that Brantley's vehicle was un-drivable.


Spray paint of the word "cheater" across the passenger side of the car meant that somewhere out there, 'Mike' has made a mistake that is now costing a U.S. veteran.


Collins made sure to clearly show the completely broken side-view mirrors.


As well as the battered windshield which appears to have taken a bat thrice its surface.


Spray painted windows tacked on to the already terrible incident.

But, the way Pat Collins of @nbcwashington wrapped up this report is somewhat stealing the spotlight from the absurd act of vandalism.

Many on social media noticed just how well-delivered the piece from Collins was.

One Twitter user @gregorybrothers went right to work on this epic remix of the report.

Some on social media weren't as distracted by Collins as others, questioning how an incident like this unfolded.

But, the vast majority of reactions to the story were all centered around this impressive reporter. It shouldn't come as a shock, as Collins has a track record of putting his absolute-all into his reports as one Twitter user pointed out.

You can see the full report from Pat Collins of NBC Washington via YouTube below.

While the story itself is unfortunate for the veteran, who will thankfully have her damages covered by insurance, I can't help but adore Pat Collins who is clearly in love with his job.

His compassion towards the victim of the story plus the emotion he emits along the way makes it easy to love the guy. I hope Collins has many many more incredible reports to come, because he is becoming an absolute internet sensation in more ways than one.

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