For as long as I live, I'll never forget the way he made that poor old lady feel & the way it made me feel.

According to a report at, Chuck Huebner is no longer with KLFY TV10.

As I read through the story, the comments from "media insiders" painted a picture of Huebner that most people would not see, as the majority of us are only exposed to him through a television screen.

According to

media insiders throughout the market were aware of Huebner’s sometimes combative approach to in-house personnel issues. A savvy investigative reporter — “they never should have put him on the news desk [as an anchor],” one insider says, citing Huebner’s considerable skills as an investigative reporter who drew on well-cultivated sources — Huebner was said to be frustrated with the lack of experience among staffers in the news department and with the station’s general decline in ratings.


Having met Chuck a number of years ago, I realized how much his character differed when he was not on television, so I grabbed some popcorn and started reading comments on Facebook.

Jess posted:

One of the best reporters I ever came in contact with. Good luck Chuck, I will miss seeing you on the news.


Torie shared this narrative:

Years ago, while shopping in the Acadiana Mall, I witnessed something that disgusted me beyond words. He (Chuck) was reporting and along came a little old lady janitor. As she was pushing her cart along the bricked floor, making loud noise while only doing her job, Mr. Personality became so livid with her & spoke to her as if she were nothing. As she put her head down in humiliation, she said, "I'm sorry, Sir; I didn't realize you were there." My heart hurt so badly for her. Being myself, I walked past him, he nodded & I said, "You should be ashamed of yourself." For as long as I live, I'll never forget the way he made that poor old lady feel & the way it made me feel. Even before this incident I did not care for him, as he just seemed so arrogant to me.

Good riddance, Chucky!


One of Huebner's former co-workers posted:

"I'm going to have to put my phone in the freezer".

I am guessing it was a reference to the number of calls/texts being received about Huebner's departure.

Lisa posted:

well that sucks; i hate to hear about ANYONE loosing their job for ANY reason because that's a household with less an income

I imagine that this is just the beginning of the comments;  I think I'll need more popcorn.


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