If you are of a certain age in Acadiana, you will remember the iconic theme music for KLFY TV-10 called, "Hello Acadiana". Whether you were a young person or an adult, you loved it. The 80's jingle was catchy and heartfelt. It's still loved today. My heart swells with pride about Acadiana each time I hear it.

I, like everyone else I know, thought we were the only people who had this song. 'This is our song, about Acadiana'. But, that's not true as one of our colleagues wrote about a few years back. Here is the TV-10 version:

Here is one for TV-3 in Corpus Cristi, Texas:

Another issue that I thought was "a fact" was that the woman who sang the Hello Acadiana theme was the wife of someone who worked at Channel 10. NOPE! I was wrong again.

Florence Warner
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The woman who performed the theme was Florence Warner. And while she mostly worked on jingles and commercial music for television, she was also an aspiring Top 40 singer.

Advertising executive Frank Gari, Gari Media Group, and his firm came up with the concept, and it was sold to 100 markets. In some markets, local performers would sing the song, like in UTAH, a tv station there had the Osmonds sing it. Here in Acadiana, they kept Florence Warner's voice.

While she may not be known to most of us, this 76-year-old woman has a very long list of artists and groups she has collaborated with over time. She also put out several albums in the 70s and 80s.

She has three credits on IMDB for voice and singing she did on three separate movie projects. At one point, she was even part of a folk trio along with her brother, Byron. You can click here to see a video.

And now you know a little bit about the woman who so beautifully sang "Hello, Acadiana". The following are the lyrics for the TV-10 version,

There's a difference in the air, it's knowing that we care in Acadiana,

Here we dream our yesterday days and tomorrow's Cajun ways in Acadiana,

From the offshore surging tide to a quiet bayou side a world of joie de vivre,

From the live oaks cooling shade to the southern sunlight made where your good neighbors never leave,

Makes no difference where I go, you're still the best home that I know, Hello Acadiana, Hello Acadiana, TV-10 loves you.

Here is another version:

According to an interview Frank Gari gave about this media ad campaign it was used by most of the media companies who purchased it for decades.

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