This one is funny: a CNN reporter was setting up for a live shot and had an unwelcomed visitor.

CNN's Chief Congressional Correspondent was in Washington, DC, getting ready to go on live television when the incident took place. As you can see in the video, Manu Raju didn't notice the bug crawling up his lapel, but when it reached the back of his neck, Raju reacted.

It's a good thing the cameras were rolling (because we wouldn't be able o laugh with him), but it's a REALLY good thing that the broadcast wasn't live yet, as there was a need for editing.

Can you imagine having to deal with an issue like that seconds before having to be live on the television? I would hope that I would see a huge bug like that long before I  feel its prickly little legs (all 6 of them) trying to grip the skin on the back of my neck. And if a bug like that makes it INTO my shirt? Someone would need to call me a doctor.

Is it a big roach? Or maybe a cicada? I can't tell for certain, but I am leaning toward it being a cicada.

Remember when a lizard jumped on a reporter?


I am sure that his videographer won't let him live this one down.

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