Remember that 'trust fall' game you used to play as a kid? Man, that was scary. In elementary school, it was the game we used to distinguish who the trustworthy friends were and who stunk. 

Basically, it's when you close your eyes and fall backwards, trusting the person behind will catch you before you plummet to the ground and do some major backside damage. If said catcher is a friend, all is fine and they can be trusted with like, anything. If that hooligan behind you is an up-to-no-good prankster, then the trust exercise is doomed from the beginning. There's also the case where catchers are totally inexperienced and the knuckleheads end up getting hurt themselves. As our luck would have it, that's exactly what we have here!

While the two guys prepare themselves to catch a dude on a step ladder, we can just sense the impending fail. To our surprise, ladder man ends up making a beautiful landing, but then BAM-- the catchers smack heads as it's all happening. Ouch. Lesson learned: don't advance to the next level of the "trust fall" game unless you're wearing substantial forehead pads.

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