Some people in Acadiana did not feel the wrath of Tropical Storm Cindy, yet others have.

Check out what happened to a trampoline in Evangeline Parish. This photo was posted on Ashley N Jacom Dubroc's Facebook page and they tell me this happened near Basile.

A gust of wind, or maybe even a small tornado, lifted their trampoline and put it in the power lines on their property.

Their question now is, "How do we get this down?" First, I'd recommend calling your electrical company to notify them of this "small problem." Don't do it yourself.

Sure, many may not have seen the amount of rain that they they thought they'd see with the storm, but Tropical Storm Cindy has done damage in the region.

A 10-year-old died in Alabama as a result of debris washing up on shore as the storm approached.

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