Tropical Storm Cindy is no longer after the National Hurricane Center downgraded the storm as its center moves toward the northwestern part of the state. Cindy made landfall officially around the Texas-Louisiana border early Thursday morning. Much of the weather was far to the east of the center of circulation and pounded the gulf coasts of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Southeast Louisiana.

One child died as a result of a storm. reports the 10-year-old boy died in Fort Morgan, Alabama on Wednesday after being struck by a log washed in by a storm surge. He died of injuries he sustained from the debris hitting him.

More rain is expected through the day across the state of Louisiana, but there is no indication that the bands will contain severe weather. Conditions remained breezy with spotty showers in Lafayette throughout the morning on Thursday with a chance of rain in the forecast through midday Friday.

KATC Meteorologist Dave Baker has followed the storm since it formed early this week:


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