My mother loved frogs which was one of the reasons I ended up in Judice, La. I remember walking up to the house for the very first time, there was one of those little green tree frogs by an electrical outlet near the front door.

I let my mind wander for a second and thought maybe it was my mom trying to tell me that this house was the one to buy. I'd look at many. My friends told me that the right house would wrap its arms around you. When it was the right one, I'd know.

The house was nothing special until I went into the small back yard, that's when it became evident to me that this was my house. The entire back of the house is yellow siding and it was covered with those little green frogs. I took the kids to look at the house a few days later to get their opinion. They liked it as well. So I bought it.

I've been in Judice for several years now. My little green frogs have been with me every day and night. I live alone and don't come home to anyone, so the first thing I do when I get home in the afternoon is to walk out the backdoor and say hello to all the frogs. They are very territorial so each one of them had a spot. This is going to sound crazy, but I guess the became comfortable with me and would let me touch them without jumping away.

To my surprise, about two weeks ago, all of them disappeared overnight. One day they were there and the next, gone!

I tried to figure out what happened. Did I do something to upset them? Then I remembered I'd used Snake-A-Way in the back yard 'cause I had seen a few small Garter snakes after the grass on the neighboring property was cut. They were trying to feed on the frogs. Did the Snake-A-Way get rid of my frogs as well?

After doing some online searching, it turns out, Snake-A-Way is also Frog-A-Way. And from what I understand, the frogs will not return. Once they relocate, they will not return.

The moral of this story is, if you have frogs around your home and want them to stay, don't use Snake-A-Way. But by the same token, if you have a frog problem, Snake-A-Way will get rid of them almost immediately.


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