My frogs had babies!  Out here in the country, frogs are everywhere and I love it!

My Mom loved frogs.  When I arrived at this house in April for the final visit with the realtor, still trying to decide if it was the one, a single frog greeted me at the front door.  It never moved, the frog was still there when we left.  I liked the house, but I was nervous about everything.  The frog is probably what closed the deal.

Adult Frog With Baby Frog

Most of the frogs are along the back side of the house.  In April, there weren't many...but now!!!  Frogs are everywhere.  And now they're having babies!!!

Frogs Everywhere

They eat bugs at night, some nights I go out and watch them.  Only bad part is, they poop a lot.  I have frog poop all over the back exterior walls.  But I don't mind, it's comforting having them around, they keep me company.

Frogs On The House

My house is gonna get


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