Heavy rains in the Acadiana area are bringing out snakes, roaches, rats, frogs, insects and bugs, even crawfish. All of these creatures are trying to find a dry place and your home is very appealing.

if you live in Acadiana, yes even in the city, finding creatures inside your home is not out of the question. There have been reports of roaches coming into homes through bathroom and kitchen drains. Experts claim it's hard to stop them. Keeping food off countertops and food droppings off floors may help.

Mice and rats are showing up in attics, between walls and inside homes and businesses as they try to find a comfy, dry place. Your local home improvement store may have solutions.

Frogs and snakes could end up in, of all places, your toilet. They come in through the sewer pipes. Keep in mind snakes usually do not bother you unless you bother them. A snake inside your home is unlikely but not impossible. Look before you sit.

Especially if you live in the rural areas of Acadiana, it's not unusual to find crawfish in your yard, garage and outdoor buildings that aren't sealed very well. They're harmless. If you find enough of them, boil 'um!

Spiders are coming out as well. They aren't too happy about all the rain either. Careful of the funnel-web spider. It's venomous and has a bad habit of showing up in toilets.

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