I went fishing this weekend in Vermilion Bay with my friend Smokey, and we brought home some treasures.

Redfish, Speckled Trout and shrimp all made their way to my grill this morning. SO GOOD!

My family would go fishing regularly when I was growing up (it was an easy, cheap way to feed us!), and my love for fishing never went away. I have been letting stuff get in the way of my fishing for too many years now, so I've been going a few times a month as of late.

What? My favorite fishing hole? You didn't think I'd really tell you, did you? Well, I will.

Photo by John Falcon

Bird Island Bayou at Marsh Island. That's where all of the stuff on the grill was caught. (BTW: there are more shrimp inside that foil packet!).

Louisiana truly is Sportsman's Paradise!

REMINDER: Louisiana State Fishing Licenses expire at the end of this month.

Photo by John Falcon