A childhood favorite for many is getting a lot of love lately with a new Netflix series and now a new game on the Google Earth platform where you are the sleuth tracking down the infamous Carmen Sandiego across the globe.

Google Earth is partnering with this legendary franchise to produce a modern twist that is similar to their 1985 PC game release. The only catch is that you have to play the game on a Google Chrome browser or an Android device.

Here's the game trailer:

Boy, I remember tuning into LPB every day to watch me some Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego. I loved Rockapella and the whole vibe of the show. I tried to locate a video of the original game show theme song, but I couldn't find a copy that wasn't bootlegged. And I'm not trying to get sued.

Netflix recently released an animated Carmen Sandiego series, and Deadline has reported that there is a Netflix live action movie in the works, as well.

Check out the link below to play the game. It's put together well, filled with nostalgia, and very fun.

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