It’s a big day at Townsquare Media! Today marks a quarter-century of Bernadette Lee on your radio in Acadiana. Today is Bernie’s “official” 25th anniversary at NewsTalk 96.5 KPEL. I say “official” because, like most broadcast veterans, she was putting in hours writing news, developing sources and entertaining Acadiana long before she ever actually ‘got the job’.

Over the years, you have heard her newscasts across all of the stations in our building. She has covered the highest highs and the lowest lows in Acadiana - all the while smiling through it. She has probably the most-recognized voice in the building and that is a testament to just how many people she talks to every day. (It’s always funny when a plumber or HVAC repairman hears her walk by and stops what they are doing to say, “Is that Bernadette Lee?”) Her laugh is infectious and I’m lucky to get to sit across from her for four hours every day.

Happy Anniversary, Bernie! Acadiana is better and more informed because of all you do. And as we gear up for another busy election season, you’re as prepared as ever to cover the issues that matter to our community.


Rob Kirkpatrick

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