On my way back into town after the Thanksgiving holiday, I was craving a sandwich like I used to get at my grandma's so I stopped into a Subway just outside of Lafayette.  I met a gentleman there who taught me a valuable lesson.

I was in line when a man walked in, and took his place in line behind me.  He said something to the young lady behind the counter and I thought to myself, what a jerk.  His tone was not a nice one.

Then he turns to me and asked if we were related, 'cause he thought I looked like some of his relatives.  He asked me my name.  As it turns out, we were not related.

We continued our conversation.  He explained to me how he'd spent all day dealing with a very sick mother.  I had judged this poor man on his tone to the clerk behind the counter.  Had we not spoken, I would have thought he was just a rude, inconsiderate jerk.

This complete stranger taught me to remember that you never know what other people are going through until you walk in there shoes.  And to not be so quick to judge.



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