My oldest son is three and a half and he doesn’t want to use the potty AT ALL. 

As a mother, I feel defeated. We have tried everything! I even bribed him over the weekend with a long list of toys and candy if he just used the potty once! I know that probably wasn't the smartest thing to do but this has been going on for months now and I am at the end of my list of ideas. 

I have asked for advice from other moms, I have read the articles, magazines, and books and he just won’t use the potty. Now let me clarify that my child has used the potty before but he won’t do it consistently. He just doesn’t seem interested in it at all! 

In the hopes that I may be able to help another mom here are some tips and tricks to potty train those babies. 

Do your research 

Google it, buy the books, talk to other moms, find out all the tips and tricks then pick what you think will work for you and your family. If you start and realize it's not working then change it up. 

Prepare your child

My mom went online and ordered the Once Upon A Potty book the second I started talking about potty training. It hasn’t helped my oldest much but my youngest, who is a year and a half old, seems to really enjoy the book so there is hope after all! 

Pick a time and day to start

When you decide to take the jump pick a day and time that is good for you, I chose a weekend that we had NOTHING planned. Then stick to that date and time. Don’t change your plans and put it off, you got this momma you can do it!

Stick to a routine

Come up with a routine of how you plan to potty train. I got a timer and every hour on the hour we went and sat on the potty. Even if he didn’t use the bathroom he still got to place a cool sticker on a chart. After about two days of nothing happening, I went to going to the bathroom every 30 minutes. 

Be consistent

This is everything! When that timer goes off, stop whatever you are doing and go to the bathroom. The first time they realize you will let it slide then all of your hard work is gone. 

Use Rewards

I used the Mini M&M’s as a reward for using the bathroom. He definitely enjoyed this at first then it got old. Now I am bribing him with his Christmas list... in July!

Praise your child

Praise your child for trying! Life is stressful and as much as we want to cry because they aren’t using the potty yet they are stressed out too. So let them know it's okay and that you are proud of them. 

Make potty training fun

This is tough to do because potty training is NOT FUN at all. I let my child watch trains on youtube while he was sitting on the potty. This was a treat for him and it also allowed us to have some quality time alone without his little brother around. 

Get big boy or girl underwear

Get them excited to wear big boy or big girl underwear. Make this a reward, take them to the store and let them pick out their underwear. My son picked out some super cool superhero ones, he thought he was so cool. 

Don’t stress

And lastly, mom dont stress yourself out! I promise one day your child will use the bathroom like a pro. It will all come in time and there is nothing you can do to speed the process along, especially if the child isn't ready.

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