Brandon Conway can be seen on TikTok singing in his living room, but some are saying he should be in arenas.

I'm actually hesitant to call Conway a TikToker being that he only posted his first video a mere three days ago, but in that time he has managed to rack up nearly 20 million views on a video where a lot of people are saying he sounds identical to Michael Jackson.

Did you roll your eyes at that last sentence? Yeah, I did too—until I pressed play on his video.

While standing in a parking lot wearing a plain brown t-shirt and an orange Kubota hat, Brandon Conway belts out an acapella rendition of Michael Jackson's smash hit "The Way You Make Me Feel."

For reference, here is the late, great MJ singing the song acapella.

I have to be completely fair here and say that the version you hear Michael singing is a studio acapella. While we know the raw talent he possessed, Jackson's version was recorded on professional microphones with effects like EQ, compression, reverbs, and vocal stacks—not to mention harmonies; which Michael may have been the best at.

Brandon Conway was being filmed with a smartphone in a random parking lot.

In addition to the 20 million views he has gotten on TikTok alone, Conway's video has been shared and reposted tens of thousands of times on multiple social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and the reactions are overwhelmingly positive.


Even those who know that no one can emulate Michael Jackson's voice still gave Brandon props for his performance.


Over the last 48 hours, Brandon has posted a few other videos as he was skyrocketing into viral fame. What's more impressive than his MJ cover was how easily he covered this Aerosmith track.

As easily as he transitioned to rock by covering Steven Tyler, Brandon also uploaded a video doing his best Brooks & Dunn cover.

Still not impressed? Check out his Bruno Mars cover.

Conway also posted a few more Michael Jackson covers including a purely acapella cover from his living room to prove that there was no trickery behind his original viral video.

I have to hear your opinion on Brandon's singing. What do you think about his voice? What about his versatility? He's getting a lot of love, so we'll keep an eye on him as he grows and his voice reaches parts of the globe that he never thought it would.

Let's go... Brandon? 😅

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