A Michael Jackson impersonator on the Las Vegas strip was forced to defend himself after a man aimlessly began attacking him. Unfortunately for the attacker, the Michael Jackson look-alike had more than just dance moves. Check out the video of the incident that has gotten lots of attention on social media.


Las Vegas is an interesting place filled with unique people and oddities of all kinds. Celebrity impersonators can be seen all around the strip as they entertain tourists.

But this Michael Jackson impersonator got quite the surprise one night when he was attacked randomly by a man on the sidewalk. Unfortunately for the attacker, the impersonator had some wrestling training under his belt.


After a quick encounter on the feet, the attacker was promptly brought to the ground by the impersonator. Here, the attacker tried his best to gain control by grabbing onto the impersonators hair or possibly wig.


But once the attacker got rolled over onto his stomach, it was lights out. The impersonator got his attacker in a choke hold and completely subdued him.


After getting absolutely man-handled, the attacker stood up to ironically reveal a shirt that read "can't fix stupid" across the chest. That is most certainly true, my friend.

See the full encounter courtesy of the Michael Jackson impersonator himself @santana.jackson7 on Instagram here.

From the caption alone, you can tell that this Vegas impersonator is not someone who goes around looking for an altercation. But, the Jackson look-alike has wrestling training and used it as necessary.

The attacker is really lucky that the Michael Jackson impersonator has self control and an understanding of how to calm down a situation. After all, once the attacker was in a headlock - it was game over.


So, be careful of who you try to pick a fight with out in public. Someone might just know a thing or two and embarrass you or worse, hurt you.

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